Twitter Cover Photo PSD Template 2015

Twitter Cover Photo and Profile Picture PSD Template (2015)

Setting up a Twitter Cover photo is quite easy once you know the right size. The cover photo is the large one at the top of your Twitter account.   Download Twitter Cover Photo PSD Template   Twitter uses a responsive layout that adjusts for different-sized screens, the actual size that it’s displayed at varies quite […]

Facebook PSD Template

Facebook Cover Photo PSD Template

Your Facebook cover photo should be 851 x 315 px   Download Facebook Cover Photo PSD Template   Facebook detects the size of your screen, then provides you with an image to match. Facebook recommends using an image that is 851 pixels wide, and 315 pixels in height.  On Facebook personal pages, the top 170 pixels will be hidden […]

Google Plus Cover Photo PSD Template

Google+ Cover Photo and Profile Picture PSD Template (2015)

The cover photo is the large one at the top of your Google+ Page. It’s displayed at an aspect ratio of about 16:9, the same as the HD video standard. On desktop screen sizes, your image will display on the right, and the left is an automatically semi-transparent overlay under your profile picture.   Download […]

Web Design Made Easy

Building A Website Is Easy With Web Designer Domains

Whenever we take on a new client, they are usually surprised at how quickly their website is launched.  We like to take advantage of the latest and greatest software on the web, and right now that software seems to be WordPress.  WordPress is a CMS that allows you to completely customize the “look and feel” […]

Web Designer Domains Lab Creations

A New Year a New You – Website Redesign At Affordable Rates

You’ve probably heard, “New Year, New You,” if you haven’t, then I welcome you back to civilization and society. With the arrival of the new year, everyone is getting back to work, and the first thing they’re all wanting to do? A complete redesign of their entire website. And who can blame most of them? […]

Web Designer Domains Lab Creations

Letting Your Customers Know What Your Website and You Do

When building a new website, or even redesigning an existing website, you know exactly what your company or organization does and what your website offers its users. This information has probably become second nature to you, but a first time visitor to your site won’t have a clue. As such, make sure you don’t forget […]

Sneak Peek: Your Inbox Powered by Gmail

Checking your email has become an increasingly more time-consuming task. We aim to change that, so you can spend less time scouring your inbox for the message you need and more time doing the things you love! In the coming months we will be testing Google’s new email platform ‘Inbox by Gmail’. The optional app […]

Web Designer Domains

Announcing Web Designer Domains

With the new TLD’s coming online, we thought it would be fun to completely revamp our private web services, and turn them into WebDesigner.Domains so that we could share our love of creating websites, graphics, banners, and blogs with the world!  We also love writing interesting content for the web, or sharing content we find […]