Facebook PSD Template

Facebook Cover Photo PSD Template

Your Facebook cover photo should be 851 x 315 px


Download Facebook Cover Photo PSD Template


Facebook detects the size of your screen, then provides you with an image to match. Facebook recommends using an image that is 851 pixels wide, and 315 pixels in height.  On Facebook personal pages, the top 170 pixels will be hidden when the page first loads, but on Facebook Business Pages, the entire graphic will load.

Facebook Cover Photo PSD Template


PSD Template

The Facebook Cover Photo PSD Template we provide is 851 x 315 px and is shown below. That’s right, we don’t make you signup for our newsletter to download a simple template. Just download it, get your cover photo looking awesome, and then if it helped you, let your friends know where you got it. (Yes, that was my shameless self promotion plug.)

Facebook PSD Template


Download Facebook Cover Photo PSD Template


So that’s it, now you can easily create your own Facebook Cover Photo. Be sure to check out our other posts for Google+, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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