Q.  Can I use Gmail to view / send my Web Designer Domains email? 

A.  Yes, You can POP/IMAP the account from Gmail. Please check out this guide to setting up your email to work with Gmail.

Q.  Can I use Yahoo to view / send my Web Designer Domains email? 

A.  Yes, You can pop/IMAP the account from Yahoo. Click here to find out how.

Q.  Can I use Outlook to view / send my Web Designer Domains email? 

A.  Yes, You can pop the account from Outlook. Click here to find out how.

Q.  What is the difference between Basic and E-commerce?

A.  An E-commerce site has a store-front built in as where a basic website consists of a few pages, Basic Web Packages would be good for say a Restaurant or a General Contractor.

Q.  What does my hosting cost after the free year expires?

A.  Basic websites don’t need as much hosting and usually cost around $30 / Month or $300 / Year. While a more intensive site may cost significantly more / Year in bandwidth. It really depends on the needs of your website. Please contact us for a quote today.

Q.  What if I already own my domain name or have an existing web hosting provider?

A.  We can transfer your website and or domain to our maintained hosting service, or we can revamp an existing website installation. No matter the problem we will fix it.

Q.  Do I have to register a domain name through Web Designer Domains?

A.  No, you can register through any registrar, or use any existing domain name you may already have.

Q.  Who updates my website?

A.  If you are on a maintained hosting package, We Do. Depending on the type of package, we can update your website for you, or you may choose to have access through FTP and your own Plesk Control Panel and update your pages on your own.

Q.  What is a Domain Technical Contact?

A.  When you register a new domain name (such as www.webdesignerdomains.com or whatever domain you register), you must provide a Technical Contact.  This is someone that handles the abuse complaints against your domain, fraudulent login attempts, internet downtime, or anything associated with your domain name or the DNS.

Q.  Why do I need hosting for my website? 

A.  Everyone that has a website needs web hosting.  A hosting company makes it possible for your website to accessed by everyone else.  You can make the best website ever, but it would be just sitting on your own computer. Unless you upload your site to a web hosting server it will never be accessible to anyone else.

Q.  Why are your “normal” business hours different that normal?

A.  “Normal” is subjective. The peak traffic time for any website is during the middle of the day to early evening.  So for us to be effective web admins we need to not interfere with your customers experience when they are viewing your site.

Q.  What Happens During a Training Session?

A.  Training Sessions are Google Hangout Presentations. We will train you and your staff on operating day to day functions on your website. Each session is recorded and given to you as a guide to running your website.