Google Plus Cover Photo PSD Template

Google+ Cover Photo and Profile Picture PSD Template (2015)

The cover photo is the large one at the top of your Google+ Page. It’s displayed at an aspect ratio of about 16:9, the same as the HD video standard. On desktop screen sizes, your image will display on the right, and the left is an automatically semi-transparent overlay under your profile picture.   Download […]

The Benefits of Google Apps for Work

Google Apps for Work has many important features and benefits that are hard to deny and ultimately bring a huge user and support base.  The right choice of software can be the difference between a positive and negative experience for the end user as well as your staff.  And can truthfully be the difference between a successful implementation and adoption […]

Sneak Peek: Your Inbox Powered by Gmail

Checking your email has become an increasingly more time-consuming task. We aim to change that, so you can spend less time scouring your inbox for the message you need and more time doing the things you love! In the coming months we will be testing Google’s new email platform ‘Inbox by Gmail’. The optional app […]